Emoji Talk by Callie Wright As Seen on The Knot

Emoji Talk

Emoji Talk....

Have you notice?

Have you notice when you receive a text that people are using less words and more symbols to communicate.  I have… its more of an “LOL, LMBO, OMG” or the infamous emojis.


I must admit I love my emojis from the “Face with Tears of Joy Emoji” to  “the Astonished Face Emoji”.
It seems like one emoji face can sum-up  how you are feeling in on simple image.


With my love for designing and making wooden photo booth props I decided to also make wooden emojis photo booth props.  
At first I was not sure how good they would sell or if people would understand how to use emoji photo props.  I did not let that stop me.  I just know if people enjoy expressing them self throw little random images throw in to a  text they would surely love it in their photos.

 Party supplies

These wooden photo booth props Are so much fun!

Yes, as you search the web you will run into paper or felt  emoji photo booth props but those are not long lasting and you’re only able to use them once or twice.  Now here at Tummy Tickles Designs our wooden emoji photo booth props will last you for all of your celebration through the years.  Tummy Tickles Designs wooden photo booth props are durable and reusable.



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