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Homemade Wooden Props are the Best!

When it comes to craftsmanship, homemade products deliver a superior level of artistry. On special holidays as a treat to my family, I will bake a few batches of my favorite bread from scratch. The recipe for this Hawaiian Bread calls for a secret ingredient that sets it apart from other sweet bread recipes I’ve tried. It’s coconut extract. Along with this unique ingredient, there is a labor of love and a lot of time that goes into making my bread a holiday classic.


Likewise, labor, time and a secret ingredient go into making the photo booth props at Tummy Tickles Designs. The secret ingredient is premium Baltic Birch wood. Have you ever tried other props made from paper or felt? If so, then you know the difference wood makes. Long-lasting fun! Our handcrafted props are durable enough to withstand multiple uses and users. Special care is given to design custom orders that are dreamed up from customers’ imagination. Whatever memorable moment they celebrated, their wooden props will always be part of the magic. The craftsmanship and creativity of Tummy Tickles Design’s homemade photo booth props are second to none.





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