I Heart Selfies! by Tonya Thomas As Seen on The Knot

I Heart Selfies!

When was the last time you took a selfie? Me? I can’t keep track, and it's not that I’m narcissistic, I promise. It’s because I want my family and friends to know what I am doing and feeling at that very moment when we aren’t together. Including them in the moment and getting an immediate reaction makes it even more memorable. Rarely is the photo overly staged or perfectly lit or even in focus for that matter. Rather, it’s a quick, gritty, quirky snapshot of right now with no filters to mask my reality.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time for filters and taking 20 selfies just to get the perfect one. I admit those are times when I’m more concerned about my image, and I’m seeking (even if subconsciously) endorsement of my identity from my peers. Self-esteem can skyrocket or plummet from the number of likes or lack thereof. It seems strange that I would care so much about what others think – especially when in those moments I may not even be showing the real me. What I share is how I want people to view me. For me, striking a selfie pose should mean striking a balance between portraying myself in reality or fantasy. Either way, the freedom to express myself is all that matters.

Tonya Thomas

In the same vein as selfies, emojis also tell the world how you feel when mere words may fail. They’re cute, fun and get straight to the point. If all is well in my moment, there are plenty of emojis from which to choose. When I’m feeling like crap, there’s an emoji for that too!

(By the way, Tummy Tickles Designs has the coolest emoji props to make the best of any photo booth or selfie station. See for yourself!)





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