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That Photo Booth Hustle

That Photo Booth Hustle

So, your really wanting to get your photo booth hustle on....

You've done most of  your research and you are now left with the question....

How much do I charge?

Believe it or not this is pretty easy to figure out...

 Now, first you want to make sure you charge a deposit (this is very important).  Requiring a deposit will be security for you and  the client's date. 

You also want to make sure you are paid in full before the day of event. I all ways require a $200 deposit and $100 an hour.  So if I'm doing an event for 3 hours that would be a total of $500 for that one event... So if you are wanting to make your photo booth a side hustle that is a good bit of change.  You can easily make $1000 in one weekend with just two events.

So... fellow photo boothers, go ahead and get your hustle on and don't for get to check out Tummy Tickles Designs wooden photo booth props... They are durable and reusable... Of course they are just what you need for  your photo booth hustle.

Callie T. Wright

I just love wooden photo booth props!!! :-)




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  • These are some great tips. I actually have a box of party supplies, hats, sunglasses, boas etc. that I’m looking to sell on eBay. If you want to purchase them let me know.


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