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The Power of Natural Light

The Power of Natural Light!


From the beginning of my photography career  I have know that light plays a very important factor.  You have to know exactly what angels to position your lights to get the effect you are looking for.  As I begin to experiment with different types of light I found that natural light works the best for me.

Yes, I know artificial light has its place in photography but right now I would like to give you three reason why natural light is so much better.

Wow! Just look at the colors in this image...

1. Its Simple

When doing portraits, simplicity is key.  When I go on a portrait shot I just bring my camera and a single lens.  Yep, that's it.... No need to bring the heavy equipment along.  I am able to focus more on building rapport with subject and composition.

Uh Oh.... Mister looks like he is about to get into something...


Oh yeah... the word "convenience" never sounded so good... It is so quick and easy to move from one location to the next when you don't have to carry around the heavy gear.

Who's Winning?

3. No Flash

I don't have to deal with flash settings which can be a pain some time.  Oh how I love natural light!

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  • These are great tips!! Natural light 100% makes a picture in my opinion! <3

    Renee S
  • Love the tips! And I totally agree with number 3, I hate flash lol it gets annoying. What camera do you use?

  • Thank you so much for the tips. I’m definitely a newby in the photography field so this is super helpful!

  • I’m not very good with pictures, in fact, I’m shitty photographer but I will try out your tip

  • These are wonderful tips for people like me who have a really nice camera, but not exactly sure how to set up the correct shots and lighting for portraits! Thank you so much!!

    Dani Brooks

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