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You Better Work That Booth!!

You Better Work That Booth!


So you have a photography business and you're wondering....

What can I do to grow my business and not spend a lot of money doing it?

 Well, the simple answer to this question is easy peasy....

Yes, very very easy..... just add a photo booth!!

 people and photo props

Photo Booths are an awesome way to really generate more business and it is a lot of fun.  There are many ways to implement a photo booth into your photography business, but to me the most sensible way is to just invest in some nice backdrops ( I would say about two). This way you can provide your client with some color choices

Next, you would need a small portable printer, this way you are able to provide customers with there prints up front. 

Last but not lest, maybe  one of the most important part is props.  Now, this is where you would need to make your business stand out from all the other photo booth business out there.  For me and my photo booth business I use durable and reusable wooden photo booth props.  With my wooden props, I am able to add more quality to my booth and it really gives the client and their guests something to talk about.

photo booth props image

Did I mention that our wooden photo booth props are reusable.... Oh ya I did... also easy to disinfect!

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